My Mission and History

My story:  My name is Clea Richards and this is my story about how I came to be in the healing field. to have a healing practice which includes Iridology, Nutritional-dietary, Lifestyle programs and to formulate and sell the most potent, highest quality herbal tonics available on the market to date.


Originally when I went to University I was interested in becoming a lawyer, my hero growing up had been Perry Mason and I was interested in saving the world from bad, evil doers.  I graduated from U. C.L.A. with a B. A. in political science/international studies.  I had planned on going to law school and becoming a lawyer after graduation but everything changed while I was attending U. C. L.A. I had been invited to a travel agency’s informational gathering while at the gathering  I was entered into a drawing they were having.  To my amazement I won the drawing which was free airline tickets and hotel accommodations for 2 people in Cozumel, Mexico.    I took a friend of mine and off we went for a wonderful vacation to Cozumel. 

We arrived and headed straight to the beach for swimming and lazing in the sun.   While relaxing we were approached by 2 young men who said they wanted to meet us and get to know us.  We spent the rest of the vacation interacting with these young men.  At the end of the vacation I went back to U.C.L.A.  and my young man came to visit several times and when I graduated from U.C.L.A.  we were married and I moved to his location where I got a job teaching young children.  For many years I had been studying yoga and learning about natural nutrition.   My husband then was diagnosed with a deadly, virulent  and rare form of  cancer called Hyper Eosinophilia. 

At first he was open to trying some natural therapies but the doctors persuaded him to have chemotherapy and radiation and he died within 3 months.   I was devastated and went away to a yoga retreat  and yoga teacher’s training for 3 months in order to help me heal from my grief.  I had been  thinking of becoming a yoga teacher for a  time.  While at the yoga teacher’s training I also learned more about nutrition and some herbal remedies and I found a school that had a program which included all of the natural healing arts.  I decided then and there that that was the work that I was called to pursue.  The school was the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine and I applied and was accepted.  When my husband died I decided that I wanted to be involved in the natural healing field and finding this school that offered everything related to natural healing…massage, iridology, herbs, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, consulting, ayurvedic medicine was such a blessing.  I applied, was accepted and moved to Santa Fe and began to learn everything I could about natural healing.  There was a separate Chinese Medicine-Acupuncture school located in Santa Fe and I wanted to learn everything I could so I also attended Kototama Institute.   One of the teachers at the Santa Fe College of Natural Medicine was one of the most repected and amazing herbalist of our time, Michael Moore and he taught all of the herb classes.  He wanted to retire from his store, Herbs Etc. and teach full time so I took over his business with a partner upon completing his herbology study courses.  I began teaching healing courses at the store and had a full time practice in Iridology, Nutrition-Diet plans, Acupuncture and health consulting.  I had fallen in love with the practice/art of Iridology ( iris analysis) and it became a passion of mine. The partnership in the business was difficult and I decided to leave and move back to California.  I ended up in a small town in Northern California called Weed and opened up a Natural Food Café, Health, Natural Food Store, Botanical manufacturing operation and Private Practice in a building which could accommodate all of the different aspects of the business.  I had begun formulating my own herbal formulas years before and began to focus more on bringing in all of the herbs from the various healing traditions in order to formulate tonics to address all aspects of an imbalance, dis-ease.  I started out with different names and finally narrowed it down to Mt. Shasta Botanicals, encompassing high quality, minimally processed, organic whenever possible, double strength tonics blended into tincture form which assimilates directly, bypassing the digestive process and retaining potency as it enters the blood stream to be disseminated to the various parts of the body where it can do the most work towards the healing process.  I have a wonderful certified lab manufacture my tonic blends of which at this time I have 25 different ones which address all of the glands and organs,  and are specific for certain inbalances, deficiencies, high level,  low level, conditions, etc.   For more information see my brochure and or go online to Mt. Shasta Botanicals and go to Herbal Botanicals.  I also continue in private practice doing Iridology Readings and working out nutritional, herbal and lifestyle programs for clients who come to me.

To your health and mine, Clea Richards

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