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Mt. Shasta Botanicals herbal tonics:

What is so special about these tonics:

  1.  They are blends of herbs from 4 different healing traditions, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Rainforest and Western.
  2. They are made from naturally grown herbs and organic herbs when organic herbs are available.  Some of the Chinese and rainforest herbs are naturally grown but not certified organic.
  3. They are double strength in tincture form which assimilates readily and no potency is lost through the digestive process.
  4. They address all aspects of an imbalance, dis-ease or problem due to the different healing aspects of the four healing traditions that they are formulated from.
  5. They are formulated from many years of herbal studies with superior teachers and much research to make sure they are the best, most potent healing remedies available on the market today and in the future.
  6. These formulas are regularly being reviewed by me, the formulator and being updated, upgraded as needed.
  7. I formulate these tonics with a passion for thorough, non invasive all around healing capability.
  8. I enjoy the challenge of putting together herbal formulas that address the major issues of today.
  9. I formulate to the best of my training and ability.
  10. I enjoy making them readily and easily available to you and yours.

Sincerely, Clea Richards, owner of Mt. Shasta Botanicals.


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