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Mt. Shasta Botanicals: Iridology - Herbal Botanicals in CA
Experience you & nature working together. A total healing concept.

Unlock the key to natural good health and longevity with Mt. Shasta Botanicals: Iridology and herbal botanicals in California. Through the sophisticated study of iridology, certified nutritionist and iridologist Clea Richards charts your health through the snapshot provided by your eyes. This easy, painless diagnosis paves the way for natural botanical remedies to fortify your lifeline.

Botanical recipes supply a diverse range of therapy for many physical and emotional ailments without the complex side-effects of today’s pharmaceuticals. The healing vitamins, minerals and compounds provided by nature combine to give us potent natural medicines. By targeting specific conditions or developing disorders through iridology, botanical treatments provide a line of efficient reactive or proactive defenses.

Take advantage of a nutritional consultation to pinpoint diet deficiencies that may be causing low energy, depression, circulatory problems or other health issues. Contact me today for an iridology appointment or purchase your botanical tonics online. Click here to see more.
The Purest Tonics Available
Herbal Botanicals

All Herbal Botanicals are priced as follows: 2 oz. bottle - $25.00 4 oz. bottle - $45.00

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