In June of 2011 I had a large part of my colon removed due to 2 tumors that were cancerous. There were remaining traces of cancer and 8-9 Lymph Nodes involved. I took the Mt. Shasta Botanicals Lymph Tonic and Master Immune Tonic and they made all of the difference. Thank you Clea, these tonics saved my life. -JH


Clea is a master at what she does. Her training and intuition combine to give her great skill. It is a blessing to have her in the healing community and to have her level of expertise available. -Carolyn H.


I have been using Clea’s Herbal Tonics for the past eight years or so. I am more than impressed with their quality -and results. In particular, I keep a steady supply of the Blood Sugar Control Tonic on hand for those times when I cannot get to a meal fast enough when I need it – and start to feel somewhat shakey. Or for those times when I realize I’ve had too much sweet or starchy food in relationship to my protein intake – and I feel out of balance and spacey. This tonic restores my feeling of groundedness and equilibrium and enables me to refocus in a comfortable way. In addition, there was a long period of time when I needed the Mood Uplift Tonic and I found that to be very effective in stabilizing my moods and increasing my positivity. Thank you, Clea, for all of your fine products – plus your heart, your skills, your vision and your integrity. And thank you for the many gifts that we all get to benefit from because you persevere in your efforts on our behalf!! You are indeed making a healing difference for us all. Forever gratefull, D.B. Ashland, Oregon


Dear Clea, I wanted to let you know how much your tonics have improved my life.¬†For about 15 years we have been trying to get the adrenal glands to ‘come into range’ without much success. B.K.S Iyengar Yoga helped for a while. Last November I was struggling with multiple issues and read how bringing the Adrenal glands under control would help. I purchased some of the Mt. Shasta Botanicals Adrenal Tonic Enhanced. After taking two bottles of this formula, I had my regularly scheduled blood test and the Adrenal reading AND the Liver Enzymes/function were all in ‘range’. It was absolutely phenomenal, in 15 years that had not happened, come close but never there. I stopped the Adrenal Tonic when I finished the second bottle and within a week I felt things begin to change back. I got another bottle and my systems returned to the ‘in range’ area. WOW. After battling this for my whole life now I am sleeping better, am calmer all the time, do not frighten as easily, am not gritting my teeth 24/7. The tonic works.!!!!!!!! We have the scientific proof as well as the mind/body affirmation. Donna N Bakersfield, CA

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